Webb City passes first reading for "Airbnb" ordinance

WEBB CITY, Mo. — City council members in Webb City, tonight, passed the first reading of a new ordinance for short-term rentals, or “Airbnb”s.

Regulating them is something council members and the city’s Planning and Zoning Committee have been working on since the beginning of the year.

The majority of Webb’s short-term rentals are in residential neighborhoods.

The ordinance states owners are required to have a business license, a special use permit and a short-term rental license. Violations could result in license revocation.

“You need to get licenses. We are aware that there are many out there. What we have stated many times before, we don’t go out looking for them, but if neighbors complain, and there are issues, we will enforce current city ordinance,” said Carl Francis, City Administrator, Webb City.

A final reading of the ordinance will take place during the next council meeting on October 24th, where it could then be officially implemented.

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