Floods Threaten Chemical Wasted for some residence of Ottawa County

MIAMI, Ok — The citizens of Ottawa County have dealt with floods for decades and even though it has been dry in the four states, Tar Creek has more than 120 years of active mining contaminated the Tar Creek Superfund Site which has led to a public health crisis among the area’s 31,200 residents.

LEAD (Local Environmental Action Demanded Agency) is trying to clean up Tar Creek to keep the town safe.  When water flood people’s backyards or school grounds then goes down, there could be lead left on the ground which then can put children at a risk for their health.

In 2020 the map project began when a member of the Cherokee Nation partnered with Thriving Earth Exchange to create a map that could visually showcase what happens when Tar Creek floods.

Held every year since 1998, the 24th Annual Tar Creek Conference is tomorrow and Thursday at NEO College, and citizens are encouraged to attend.   The conference brings together scientists, tribal leaders, government agencies, and local residents to discuss current environmental issues.

For more information, you can visit http://leadagency.org


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