Local author speaks to Joplin students

JOPLIN, Mo. – A local novelist today visited the Joplin High School to discuss one of her newest books “A Three Letter Name,” with students.

Annie Lisenby is a dark fantasy author living in the 4-State area and today, she presented her literature and creative process to JHS students.

“The setting takes place on an island where there’s no technology and the two main charecters are male and female. It’s a very rustic world and on the island with them, there are cat like beasts that live in the forest who come out and hunt at night,” Lisenby said. “Ells, the female protaganist is what was called a listener in this world. She would be up in the trees at night listening for the beast to come so she could sound the alarms for the villagers. Well, when she becomes hard of hearing, she can’t do her job anymore. And she literally is given the choice be banished to the ocean, to certain death, or marry a stranger from across the ocean or across the island.”

JHS Library Secretary Tammy Cady says bringing in an author like Lisenby is a good way to show students how authors work.

Lisenby’s writing has also been featured in the Joplin Writers’ Guild publication, as well as in three “Chicken Soup for the Soul” publications.

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