Congressman Jake LaTurner visits Southeast Kansas

PARSONS, Kans. — A Kansas congressman makes a trip home this weekend.

Jake LaTurner joined other Kansas Republican lawmakers on a bus tour around the state, stopping in various small communities.

The tour started last Wednesday and before wrapping up on Monday, will make 27 stops across the state.

Today’s stops included “Pete’s Travel Plaza” in Parsons to prepare communities for the upcoming November election.

LaTurner is originally from Galena and he says Southeast Kansas will always hold a special place in his heart.

“And the folks down here are fantastic, they’ve been so good to me and my family. We’ve been here for six generations, and so the opportunity to come down here, talk to voters about energy, about the economy, about our border, is a tremendous honor,” said Congressman Jake LaTurner, Kansas 2nd Congressional District.

LaTurner is currently finishing up his first term as a Republican in the 2nd Congressional District.

He is running for re-election in November, facing Democrats Patrick Schmidt and Michael Soetaert.

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