Joplin school bus involved in crash

JOPLIN, Mo. — Traffic came to a standstill in south Joplin Thursday after a traffic crash involving a school bus. The bus from the Joplin School District was on Connecticut, heading south from 32nd Street. Road construction there meant two southbound lanes merged into one. The bus was in the proper lane when a car attempted to move over and struck the bus.

Thankfully no one on the bus was hurt.

“That’s the nice thing about our school buses. They’re built very, very well to protect our kids – so in a situation like this we’re fortunate they’re built the way they are and are able to withstand the damage they do when these things happen,” said Matt Harding, Joplin Schools Assistant Superintendent.

A crew from the Joplin School District inspected the bus, before confirming it was safe for travel. The students were able to continue on their planned field trip.

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