New sign in Spiva Park pays homage to longtime patron of the arts

JOPLIN, Mo. — Spiva Park has a new sign/monument. It was officially dedicated this afternoon.

Joplin Mayor Doug Lawson led the ceremony. A $20,000 donation from the Cragin family helped make the sign possible.

The park, of course, is named after George Spiva, a longtime Joplin businessman and patron of the arts.

“This park was donated by George Spiva, but it’s never had his name on it, and those of us who grew up in Joplin, we all know where Spiva Park is, but new people, if you say Spiva Park, they didn’t have a clue. So this sign’s important. I think it represents the generosity of Joplin people. I mean, this is a generous community and if you say we have a need, they step up and meet it,” said Doug Lawson, Joplin Mayor.

The park was originally dedicated on July 7th, 1966. George Spiva died a year later.

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