$2.5k Rewards offered for 2 Ottawa County jail escapees

OTTAWA COUNTY, Okla. – Authorities offer $2,500 rewards for information leading to the capture of two escapees.

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Police consider Daniel Zajicek and Tyler Tavis armed and dangerous. They are 2 of 4 inmates who escaped Tuesday while in a dorm-style pod. There were contractors working in the pod at the time of their escape.

Authorities caught one of the inmates, Rusty Reece, immediately.

Buck Martindale was captured yesterday.

“Update: Martindale was found in his mothers house hiding below an AC unit. His mother was not home but a female was arrested for harboring a fugitive. Buck martindale is in custody, located in a house by devil’s promenade” – Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office

The Sheriff’s Office released the following update Tuesday night about the escapes:

“After investigating the escape, the inmates that ran from the jail were not on a work detail. They were in one of the dorm style pods and there were contractors working in the pod. When the contractors left to go to the sally port to work on some metal, the inmates ran out of the pod and to the north doors that lead into the sally port. The north doors were open and the sally port door was open due to the contractors cutting and welding metal. Once the inmates got to the north doors they pushed the jailers out of the way and ran out of the jail. One inmate was caught immediately, which was Rusty Reece.

When the first post was made the Undersheriff was posting what he was first told to get the information out, then was out looking for the inmates.
During the beginning of this is when the shooting happened which was not related to the escape.”

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