MSSU students enjoy Food Truck Tuesday, as part of Homecoming week

JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s Homecoming week at Missouri Southern, and students are enjoying a slew of activities leading up to Saturday’s game against Lincoln.

Today was all about food and drink. Coffee, ice cream, Kona Ice, pizza, sandwiches and barbeque were all available.

All part of “Food Truck Tuesday.” again, just one of many events planned for the week.

“Like in general, Homecoming is one of our largest events that we put on for Missouri Southern. But for this year, we’re even taking it up a notch, so we’re really seeing a great amount of participation from our students, so it’s larger than it has been even in the past, so definitely one of the biggest Homecomings we’ve had and it’s one of our favorite events here to do,” said Kaylea Furgerson, MSSU.

More events are planned throughout the week, including a campus wide bonfire, Thursday night at 8 p.m.

This year’s Homecoming Parade will be in downtown Joplin Saturday morning, and alumni are welcome to attend.

It starts at 6th and Main at 10 a.m.

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