Latest weather blog: Changes over the next week finally! -Doug

I hope everyone is having a great week so far and enjoying the weather.  Yes, I know we greatly need the rain and the chances will slowly increase.

HEADY PATTERN: Then new pattern is fully set and I am not thrilled with it.   However, the jet stream is getting strong and we are going to start to have bigger temperatures swings.  Also, we will have much better rain chances.  I will talk much more in-depth on the Heady Pattern on my youtube.

Also, my long range forecast is below.

Lets look at this week and some changes.  We have a weak system shifting through on Wednesday.  This will give us some clouds and even a few random sprinkles or showers.  However, most of you will stay dry.  Still warm with highs into the mid 80s.

With this weak system, a weak cold front will work through and maybe drop our temps a few degrees by Thursday.  However, I still expect to go into the lower 80s.

Now, a much stronger cold front gets in here by Thursday night.  This is going to give us great fall temperatures for Friday and lasting into the weekend.

The great temperatures stick around into the weekend but we do start to see some rain chances by Sunday.  The better rain chances will be late Tuesday as we should get a cold front into the area.

Check out the long range forecast below.



Next Wednesday-Saturday: Partly sunny and nice with highs in the lower 70s.

October 16th-22nd:  A warm start to the week with a mild second half.  Rain chances on Tuesday and then again by the weekend.

October 23rd-29th:  Mainly a mild week but chilly temperatures by the weekend.  Rain chances on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

October 30th-November 5th:  Mainly a mild week with rain chances Wednesday through Saturday.  Also cooling down for the weekend.

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