Traveler attending mother’s funeral has car stolen; Family heirlooms destroyed

PARSONS, Kan. – A man attending his mother’s funeral had his vehicle stolen in Parsons, Kansas only to later locate the vehicle along with broken personal items and family heirlooms.

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, Parsons Police Officer Shyanne Dunn took a report for a stolen vehicle that was loaded with personal items. The report was for a stolen Red 2004 GMC Canyon with Tennessee license plates.

The victim stated that he traveled to Parsons to attend his mother’s funeral and to take home some family belongings. Before he could return, the report indicates that his truck and all his belongings inside were stolen.

Officer Dunn later observed the vehicle while on patrol and conducted a High-Risk Traffic Stop. Dunn made contact with three vehicle occupants and took the trio in for questioning.

The victim received his car back with minor damage and a citizen later alerted police of a large pile of damaged furniture and other items on Pratt Road near the back side of the Tolen Creek Walking Trail.

Officers confirmed the items were from the vehicle theft and the victim was able to salvage some pieces of his family’s history according to the police.

PPD Deputies identified one of the suspects as a homeless man and say another was recently released from prison for Arson and multiple drug-related charges.

“This is a very unfortunate situation that we have here,” said Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks. “This is the lasting impression that this person will have of our city, and it is because of a failing criminal system that is not holding people accountable for their actions. This weekend the police department made 10 arrests in three days. Mr. Hall was arrested earlier this week for theft as well and had to be released only to take the opportunity to victimize yet another citizen who was just visiting our community. I am torn as a Police Chief. I know that we are doing good police work and making good arrests and solving and preventing criminal activity. But at the same time, we are struggling to find officers to hire for this very reason. We are dealing with the same people day in and day out. We have to look the victims in the eye and apologize for a flawed system that allows repeat offenders to be released only to reoffend. It is a tough road to follow being a police officer these days. I will continue to stay positive and praise the hard work of the men and woman that work in our city. I am especially grateful for the diligent eye of Officer Shyanne Dunn for spotting this thief and making a great felony bust.”

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