Journey Toward Hope hosts an open house

JOPLIN, Mo. — A new counseling center called Journey Toward Hope hosted an open house today.

Journey Toward Hope will be able to provide services in several different areas and for all ages.

The new organization offers counselors that specialize in all of areas of education, like reading and math.

Counseling is also available for families, children and teens and even for nutritional guidance.

“This is a beautiful space, it’s all new and fresh and we have plenty of room to expand. So that’s super nice. But I know for me personally, it”s just a big step towards my goals and dreams of bringing down the divorce rate in the Four State area,” said Joy Parkman, Marriage & Family Counselor.

“I primarily work with kids and teens and young adults. And so my goal is to be able to bring a holistic perspective of being able to work with kids through art through music through play. When kids have gone through something and teens and everybody have gone through something very tragic and difficult, sometimes it’s hard to put words to express how they’re feeling. So play is a child’s language,” said Teresa Berry, Child Counselor & Therapist.

The center will officially start providing services on Monday.

You can find out more about the services here.

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