Eyewitness recounts events at Miami football game shooting: "I heard three loud pops"


MIAMI, Okla. – A Miami parent praised the Miami school administrators and coaches for their quick reaction to a fatal shooting following Friday night’s 19-18 win over Tulsa McLain.

“I want to say our coaches were phenomenal,” said Cheryl Moudy, who attended Friday’s game. “I think this will be a very real-life experience for all students there and we should appreciate our small town.”

Moudy said she heard “three loud pops” when the players were on the field shaking hands after the game.

“They were very distinctive for those of us that heard them,” Moudy said referring to the gunshot sounds.

The Miami coaches began yelling at the players to go to the opposite corner of the field from where the shots were heard and lay on the ground. 

“If any player even halfway got up the coaches were hollering to get down,” Moudy said.

Several men in the stands took charge and were yelling for people to get down, she said.  Everyone moved to the same corner of the field at the end of the stands.

Moudy said there were around 30 police and firefighters on the scene along with emergency vehicles and helicopters circling above the stadium.  

Some of the Miami fans bent the stadium fence and held it down so the Miami fans could leave and go straight to the parking lot, she said.    

“Once we made it to our car it was a nice line to get out but no one was hateful or mean,” Moudy said. “We all just wanted to leave.”

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