New RFID tech will track juvenile offenders in Jasper Co

CARTHAGE, Mo. — The Jasper County Juvenile Office is using technology to make sure it’s doing the best job possible of helping troubled teenagers.

It’s a radio frequency ID that the teenagers actually wear while they’re on the premises.

It’s called Spartan Technology, and helps staff members keep track of the amount of time kids spend on exercise, education and even meals, information required by the state.

“It gives us more time to watch the kids, be more mentors to the kids. And you know their care and custody rather than continuously doing doing paperwork. Continuously trying to uh document the things that need to be documented,” said Ben Vogt, Jasper Co. Juv. Detention Supt.

The technology is used by lockups across the country.

The Jasper County Juvenile Office is the first in the state of Missouri to implement it.

And, it’s also working to help parents develop strategies to help kids who have gotten into trouble.

It’s launched a new effort called the Parent Project.

Regular meetings address a number of things such as drug abuse, online issues, and out-of-control anger.

The goal is two-fold.

“We hope not to see recidivism from our kids involved in the juvenile justice system but beyond that we hope for positive youth development within each of the youth that are in our care. so that they can see beyond maybe some of the barriers they’re facing right now and see what their potential can be in the future,” said Joan Doner, Jasper Co. Juv. Program Coordinator.

The facility is hosting the Parent Project in conjunction with First Presbyterian Church in Joplin.

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