Michelle “Shelly” Dawn (Burbridg) Nolde

Michelle Nolde, or best known as Shelly, was an amazing person. Everyone who had worked with her, stayed with her, or even hung out with her, would be enthralled by her. She would light the room with her smile and presence. Her laugh was contagious and loud, but that’s what everyone loved when talking with her. Every person that would talk with her would leave the conversation with a smile or chuckle.

Shelly loved everyone. All of my friends became her kids. “You’re a guest once, so you better learn where the cups are.” She would often say that phrase to anyone who’d come in through the door the first time into her house. The second time she’d pull out a chair or pat beside her on the bed, and ask you how your day was.

Shelly went through some very hard times, but that never stopped her from putting people first and making sure they were happy, in my eyes, and many others, she was very selfless. That’s what I loved most about her.

When she smiled, you’d smile. You knew you had a place to sleep, even for a single night or for man nights, she wouldn’t let anyone starve or go homeless. She was always there to make sure you were warm and taken care of. She would fight with you in any battle you had, and she would make sure you had your favorite snacks when you were sad.

Shelly, my mother, was an amazing human, who deserved the world. If there’s one thing to take away from her teachings, out of many I can assure you, is that no matter how hard you fall, how tough the battle was, it’ll always get better. It always will get better.

I love you mom, always have and always will love you.

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