Local conservation workers share tips to avoid ticks

JOPLIN, Mo. – Because Summer and Fall are the most active times of the year for ticks, KOAM’s Janna Hautala spoke with local conservationists for some tips to avoid the pests.

A Joplin conservationist worker says that baby ticks are possibly more of a problem than those that are full-grown.

Though the babies cannot spread disease yet, they usually stay together and uncareful hikers can end up with hundreds of baby ticks on them!

“Sometimes you need a magnifying glass to be able to see them and get them because they are so small,” said Tim Smith, Shoal Creek Education Specialist. “A lot of times they like to find your ankles, back of your knees, your waistband, so you may have to have somebody help you because they are so small and the location they are in you may not be able to see them and remove them yourself.”

Smith says it’s also important to travel with a lint roller. These can be used as a great tool to remove pesky ticks.

Watch the full story tonight on KOAM or Fox 14 News.


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