Monday blog: We stay dry and hot for the next several days -Chris

I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to enjoy some of the late-day rain we got Saturday. I also hope everyone remembered to set their alarms to the right time, unlike me who overslept this morning. On to the forecast.

We’re still dealing with a significant drought situation in the four-states with a large chunk of the area still in extreme drought conditions. Unfortunately, little relief is on the way.

Let’s talk today. We’re looking at a decent one, clear skies and an afternoon high topping out right about 80° for most of us. With the sun setting a bit earlier now, we’ll cool off quickly heading into the late evening hours.

Heading into tonight, clear skies remain in place as temperatures gradually drop back into the upper 50s for another cool, but pleasant evening.

Unfortunately, the forecast ahead for this week is dry and hot. Temperatures will return to right around 90° this week and we’ll keep clear skies through the upcoming weekend.

Our next best chance of rain isn’t until next week, which is in the long-range forecast below.


Long Range Forecast

September 18th-24th: A hot start but then warm temps the rest of the week. Rain chances on Tuesday and Wednesday and then again Saturday.

September 25th-October 1st:  A mild start but a mid week cool down.  Back to mild by the weekend.  Rain chances on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday.

October 2nd-9th:  Mild start but mid week warm up.  Cooling back down by the weekend.  Rain chances on Wednesday and Thursday.

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