Area woman's mission to support families of childhood cancer

DIAMOND, Mo. — September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month and local groups are giving us a look at how they are creating awareness. People are already putting up signs in yards and wearing gold at football games in an effort to support children who have had or are currently fighting cancer.

“A lot of people don’t know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month until it affects them. So, what we’re trying to do is bring more awareness across the U.S. and our goal here is to start small, start in our communities, and hope that it just keeps spreading and spreading,” said Kristin Patterson, Executive Director, Camp Quality Ozarks.

Patterson made it her mission 5 years ago to create more support for families in the area.

“I was diagnosed at the age of 10 myself with AML, Leukemia, and throughout my life, I’ve prayed that God shows me his purpose. And this is a huge purpose I think of mine that he has wanted me to do,” she said.

Just last year, Camp Quality Ozarks raised over $20,000 for local children fighting cancer.

“It doesn’t stop there, children fight cancer 365 days a year and I want this to continue to go,” said Patterson.

On September 17th, the Christian Heady Foundation is hosting a kickball and cornhole fundraiser at 10 a.m. at King Jack Park in Webb City. The proceeds from that event will also help local families.

“I want everyone to know – whether it’s donating a dollar or a thousand dollars, donating your time, whether it’s sharing a post on social media, whether it’s praying for these kiddos and their families, all of that helps and all of that raises awareness,” Patterson added.

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