Drying out for the week ahead with some decent temperatures -Chris

Good morning and happy Labor Day to you all! I hope you’ve had a great three-day weekend, if you’ve had to work, I hope it was an enjoyable weekend to work. We started out with some pretty foggy conditions across the area this morning which thankfully, will continue to burn off as the sun rises.

For today, we’re looking at partly cloudy skies across the area pushing an afternoon high right around 85°, however, some of our counties in southeast Kansas may be a bit warmer, but still not bad.

Late this evening, we’re watching some isolated t-storm chances, thankfully, nothing severe, and these will be very isolated.

Partly cloudy skies continue into the evening with temperatures falling back through the 60s to an overnight low right around 63°.

A look at the future track shows where we may see some of those isolated storms late this evening around 8:00 anywhere from Stockton to Pierce City. These storms won’t last long and unfortunately, won’t have a big impact on the drought.

While drought conditions have improved slightly, we still have a large chunk of the area in severe drought conditions and the 7-day forecast doesn’t have any additional rain chances. Temperatures at least, are decent, floating right around 90° with overnight lows back in the lower to mid 60s.

Rain looks to return to the forecast next week, your long-range forecast is below.

Long Range Forecast

September 11th-17th:  A warm first half of the week with a mild second half of the week.  Rain chances Tuesday through Thursday.

September 18th-24th: A warm first couple of days, then just a mild week.  Rain chances on Sunday and Monday.

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