Living History in Mo. and Kans. battle reenactments

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Kans. — People are getting a glimpse into the past this weekend. Museum exhibits came to life at the Crawford County Historical Museum with the annual “Living History” event. Over the past two days, people were able to see what life was like back in the 1800s in southwest Missouri and southeast Kansas — and the fights which took place along the border leading up to the Civil War. This was done through different demonstrations like cooking and battle reenactments.

“This gives you a visual and a really hands-on scene of, ok this is what life was like in the 1800s in Kansas. Having these reenactments opens up discussion. This is just a great way for people to come out, support their local museum, and help us keep it going every year,” said Amanda Minton, Crawford County Historical Museum Exec. Director.

The Crawford County Historical Museum has a couple events on the horizon. This includes the third annual Safe Trick-or-Treat, and in November the museum will have its first paranormal investigation.

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