Arvest to gift $500 to Joplin teacher

JOPLIN, Mo. — A recent survey by AdoptAClassroom.org estimates teachers spent an average of $750 of their own money for their classroom last school year… Some even up to $1,000. Over the last six years, the “We Love Teachers” initiative has awarded more than $300,000 to more than 640 teachers.

This year, the Joplin School District will choose a deserving teacher at West Central Elementary to receive a $500 donation from Arvest.

“It’s important to Arvest because we value the community that we’re in and the community leaders and the people that make an impact in the community and you know of course the children, they’re the future generations. So anything that we can do to empower teachers to make a bigger impact in our students’ lives is something we’re going to get behind,” said Austin Hyslip, Arvest Marketing Manager.

“Our teachers are the backbone of our school district and everybody knows how important it is to have a good teacher in each classroom. And also for the teachers to be supported and a good community partner like Arvest coming to the aid in all of our areas here is a big boost. So we’re excited that we’re able to be able to support one teacher from West Central elementary with supplies or resources for the classroom,” Dr. Kerry Sachetta, Superintendent.

A school district in each of the eleven local cities that Arvest serves will get a $500 donation for a teacher to use.

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