Rescued beagle ready for adoption at SEK Humane Society

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Kan. – A rescued beagle out of Virginia passes her medical rounds and is now available for adoption at the SEK Humane Society.

In July, the U.S. Department of Justice took over the Envigo lab. The lab was used for testing, but also bred the dogs to supply other labs that test on animals.

A lawsuit filed by the DOJ described shocking conditions for the animals. Government inspectors found that the beagles were denied veterinary care for easily treated conditions and were instead killed. They were denied food. Over eight weeks, 25 beagle puppies died from cold exposure. Some dogs suffered injuries when they were attacked by other dogs in overcrowded conditions.

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The company denies the allegations but closed.

SEK Humane Society takes in Beagles

Organizations across the U.S. took in around 4,000 beagles. The Southeast Kansas Humane Society took in eight beagles — four adults and four puppies.

They gave those dogs names:

  • Five-year-old Robert
  • one-year-old Copper
  • A female, Nellie, is the oldest in the group at 7
  • Then Daisy and her pups — Lily, Tulip, Lavender and Rose.

The Humane Society has been giving them veterinary care and teaching them to socialize.

Now, Nellie is ready for a forever home.

“We are pleased to share that Nellie has passed her medical rounds and even did fantastic at a socialization event for her earlier this month! Thanks to her astounding progress, she will be officially available for adoption this Thursday, September 1st.

Due to the high volume of interested adopters in the beagles from the Virginia case, adopters MUST fill out an application online at our website. At 1Pm on September 1st, adopters will be able to find Nellie listed on our website under our adoptable animals tab. After clicking her picture that leads to her bio page, they’ll see an adoption application button on the right-hand side.
We thank everyone for their support as we have worked with these dogs. They now no longer have to fear of being overbred or sold off for testing. Our (2) adult boys, Copper & Robert, are doing great and are on track to be available here in the next few weeks. Daisy and her (4) pups are doing fantastic as well!”

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