Thursday Blog: Rain chances return -Doug

I hope you have had a great week so far and I am sure you are looking forward to the holiday weekend!  You can definitely see the switch over the past 2-3 weeks.  We are morphing out of the old Heady Pattern and into the new HP pattern.  It is now about 60% new and about 40% old.  Here in 3 weeks the new HP will be fully set.  At that time I can start seeing what the fall and winter will look like.  I can tell you because we got rid of the extreme heat, that is great news for next summer in this new pattern.  We do have some rain chances working back in.  First off, your day planner.

You can see a few isolated showers late in the day.

Now these won’t be until evening and I really think most of them will stay south of I-44.  I am not looking for anything very heavy out of this.  But we do have college football kicking off so it would be nice for them to stay south.  Isolated showers and a few thunderstorms continue into early Friday.

Again these will be very light and very scattered.  Also mainly our southern half of the region.  Still isolated PM Friday pop ups as well.

A few isolate PM storms on Friday.  We do need to watch a complex Friday night and into Saturday morning.  Hit and miss pop up storms will last through the holiday weekend.  However, no rain outs, so if you do have outdoor plans over the weekend, in general, you look pretty good.  Long range forecast below.


Next Thursday-Saturday:  Staying hot with highs right around 90 degrees.  Scattered thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday.

September 4th-10th:  Mainly a warm week with thunderstorm chances to start the week.  Then mainly warm and dry the rest of the week.

September 11th-17th:  A warm first half of the week with a mild second half of the week.  Rain chances Tuesday through Thursday.

September 18th-24th: A warm first couple of days, then just a mild week.  Rain chances on Sunday and Monday.

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