New Pittsburg FD gear provides life-saving cyanide antidote kits

PITTSBURG, Kans. — When someone dies from smoke inhalation, it’s due to a fatal build-up of cyanide poisoning. But three new kits that have been delivered to the Pittsburg Fire Department are designed to prevent that fatal build-up from happening.

Fire Chief Dennis Reilly says some area hospitals have “Cyanokits” but says it can be too late to reverse the damage if they can’t be administered quickly enough. Reilly says bringing the kits with them to each fire and administering them on-site gives victims a better chance of survival.

“Provide that treatment at the point of injury as opposed to waiting to transport people to the hospitals so we can start doing these interventions quicker which we believe will enhance survivability for smoke inhalation victims,” said Reilly.

Reilly says the doses aren’t cheap, at $1,200 a piece, but says it’s worth it if they save lives.

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