Fall Axe Throwing league at Main Street Axe Company

PITTSBURG, Kans.- Main Street Axe Company is hosting a fall axe throwing league. 

The official world axe throwing league has sanctioned Main Street Axe Company as an official affiliate. Winners of the local leagues can qualify for regional and even national leagues. “We do have lots of players who take their hobby here seriously and what it means to be an athlete is that players here who qualify through our small tournaments in our leagues get to move on to bigger tournaments, regional tournaments, and then hopefully national and world tournaments,” said Michelle Fowler, the owner of Main Street Axe Company. 

Axe throwers can work their way up the leagues and achieve a spot in a national league. The U.S Open for axe throwing is broadcasted on ESPN 2. “Yes. It will happen. I will be on ESPN at some point in time,” said Mathew Ball, a professional axe thrower from Carthage, MO. “Hopefully, I will be on ESPN by this December.”

However, ax throwing is not just for professional ax throwers or adults. Ball shares his axe-throwing hobby with his 11-year-old daughter. “My daughter, who’s 11 years old, soaking wet, £80 can throw an ax at the target and hit a bull’s eye like Jim. I hit a bull’s eye every time by any means, but like, she can hit it and she can stick it.”

The last meet of the axe throwing fall league is October 12


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