Local pet lovers celebrate National Holistic Pet Day

JOPLIN, Mo. – To celebrate National Holistic Pet Day in the U.S., KOAM’s Janna Hautala sat down with local trainers and pet owners to discuss what their pets mean to them.

As people head back to school and work gets busy, many times our pets receive less interaction.

According to a local dog trainer, it’s important to remember a dog’s needs.

“Often times when we come home at the end of the day, we don’t think so much about the needs of the dog; we are happy that the dog is happy to see us, but we need to put a little bit of effort in the dog too because it has been waiting for us all day,” Jim Smith, a trainer at the Pampered Pooch said.

Smith further stated that crate-training dogs can increase their overall well-being.

“Dogs that have been trained and have good obedient skills are just happier all around dogs,” said Smith.

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