Local chicken-nugget taste-testing legend is back to work

WEBB CITY, Mo. — Our local professional chicken nugget taste-tester is back at it again.

“It’s bussin’,” said Brody Jackson, Webb City Little League.

After going viral for saying his dream job was to be a “Chicken Nugget Taste-Tester,” Brody Jackson has been putting his skills to the test.

“We’ve been to Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, and now we’re here,” he added.

At McDonald’s… This time, Brody and the entire Webb City Little League team got plenty of McNuggets and dessert. The Webb City location reached out to the team after hearing the buzz.

“Our organization was like, ‘We’d have him, he needs to come, we need to have the whole team come, celebrate their accomplishments.’ And how often do you get a shot to give a kid the chance of his dream job?” said Vanessa Ketcham, Mkt. Op., McDonald’s Nichols Organization.

“McDonald’s chicken nuggets, they’re up there. They’re pretty good. Scale on one to ten? Uh, 9.5,” said Brody.

Brody’s friends won’t be getting any free chicken nuggets from him anytime soon, though.

“Is he sharing his chicken nuggets with you?” asked Action 12’s Kate Dalton.

“No, he’s being selfish!” said Kamden Newberry, Webb City Little League.

“Are your friends, are they being extra nice lately to maybe get some chicken nuggets out of you?” Dalton asked Brody.

“Uh, no, they’re–OW! Obviously, they’re not being pretty nice ’cause he just threw a chicken nugget at my face!” said Brody.

Brody says he’s hoping Rasing Canes will be the next franchise to invite him to taste test.

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