SEK Humane Society sees longest resident adopted

PITTSBURG, Ks. — Animal shelters across the country are getting some help to find their residents forever homes.

This weekend several animal shelters opened their doors for Clear the Shelters weekend.

Its part of the ongoing campaign of the same name which aims at reducing or eliminating adoption fees at shelters during the month of August.

Since it started in 2015, Clear the Shelters has helped hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs find new homes.

This now includes Jack, the longest resident at the Southeast Kansas Humane Society.

“He was a very special case, a few years ago he was found locked up in the restroom during the winter time, he was skin and bones, we did not think he would make it. He went through almost a year of physical recovery through therapy,” says Jasmine Kyle, SEKHS Director, “So it is everything, it’s a very bittersweet moment because a lot of our staff have grown up with him in these past few years, but it’s everything to see those kids finally go out that door into a home. We are very much the grandparents looking after the kids until the parents come pick up.”

If you would like to adopt a pet of your very own, the Southeast Kansas Humane Society will have an adoption event next Sunday at 1 PM at Lakeside Park.

All adoption fees will be waived.

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