Off-duty nurse saves life in Miami, Okla.

MIAMI, Okla. — A local nurse receives recognition for her heroic actions while off duty. Integris Health Miami Hospital Registered Nurse, Shyanne Brandon, was spending a July afternoon with her family at a local pool. Pamela Satchell was also there, working the event, when she decided to take a break and go down the water slide with her granddaughter. Brandon heard yelling coming from the pool, dropped her plate of food, and sprang into action. Satchell was drowning and Brandon immediately pulled her from the water.

“She was blue and purple. I felt for a pulse, I could tell that she did have a faint pulse, she was trying to gasp for air. I quickly just kind of got her over to her side. I started shoving on her abdomen and chest to try to get the water out and I’m hollering at her, you know, ‘Pam, stay with me, I’m here, I’ve got you.’ As I was thrusting, water would come out and she’d take a gasp of air. So, I just knew that if I just kept doing what I was doing, God was there guiding me and she would make it,” said Shyanne Brandon, Registered Nurse, Integris Hospital.

Satchell made a full recovery after two days in the hospital.

Brandon received the Miracle Moment Award from the hospital, in recognition of her off-duty heroism.

Satchell calls Brandon “her personal angel.”

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