News to Know: Bomb explodes near Parsons courthouse, house explodes in Wyatt, Mo., and McDonald County schools focus on safety

PARSONS, Kan. – The city of Parsons, Kansas was rocked Monday morning when a bomb exploded in a dumpster. The explosion happened around 4:55am yesterday morning in a dumpster in a parking lot outside the Labette County Judicial Center. There are no reports of injuries. The Labette County Sheriff says a suspect has been arrested. The sheriff says he’s a 63-year-old Parsons man. That suspect was identified through security cameras from the parking lot. The sheriff says the investigation will now go to federal authorities. Follow this story here.

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Mo. – In Southeast Missouri, one person died Monday morning after a house exploded in the town of Wyatt. The initial explosion caused a second home to catch fire. Investigators say 10 people were hurt including an infant. They have not released any details on the person who died. The explosion may have been caused by a faulty water heater, but authorities are still investigating the cause.

TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas election officials say they haven’t started a statewide hand recount of this month’s decisive vote in favor of abortion rights, because the abortion opponents seeking it haven’t shown they can cover the costs. On Friday, a resident requested a recount in all 105 Kansas counties on that issue. That would cost an estimated $229,000, which the resident who requested it would have to cover. The citizen has secured $119,000 of the needed $229,000 which allows for a nine county recount.

MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. – McDonald County School officials focused on safety during a back to school event. Monday was the first day for teachers so they got training on new security procedures. They met the district’s two new resource officers and went through active shooter training. The district is also looking to add new cameras in all buildings, keyless entry devices on exterior doors, signage, and new fencing in certain areas. School in McDonald County starts August 22nd.

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