Joplin Community rallies to support local restaurant

JOPLIN, Mo- The Joplin Community comes together to support a local restaurant that was on the brink of closing its doors.

Fu Noodle House posted on their Facebook page that they would have to close down soon if business did not pick up– and the response is one that they were not expecting.

People in the community showed up and showed out for Fu Noodle House– so many people started coming to the restaurant that they were not able to serve everyone.

“We really apologize for being so busy. We didn’t know the post would bring so many people,” said a post from their Facebook page.

The battle of small businesses is not a new one– on average 18.4% of businesses close within the first year, and that number jumps to 49.7% after five years.

Missouri is above the national average for both of those sitting at 22.9% after the first year and 55.2% after five years.

To find more Four State closing averages, click here.

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