Joplin turns 150 in March 2023, Limited Edition Joplin coin raising funds for special year-long events

JOPLIN, Mo. – March of 2023 the city of Joplin will turn 150 years old.  If you didn’t know, that’s called a Sesquicentennial.

You can commemorate that milestone now with this special limited-edition coin. Minted by the Joplin Celebrations Commission at only $20 it not only makes a great gift but your purchase will help fund upcoming celebration events. Get your own keepsake coin at any of the five Joplin Southwest Missouri Bank locations. And join us in wishing Joplin a very happy 150th birthday.” – CELEBRATEJOPLIN.COM

The Joplin Celebrations Commission was created to commemorate and plan local events for the Missouri Bicentennial (2021) Joplin’s 150th birthday (2023) and USA 250 (July 4, 2026) and Route 66 Centennial. celebrations.


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“The name “Joplin” was first heard in this area when a Methodist Home Missionary, the Rev. Harris G. Joplin, came here in 1839 from North Carolina. He built a log cabin near a spring known as Joplin’s Spring that flowed into Joplin Creek. Joplin’s cabin was large enough for church services. At this time, the small settlement was called Blytheville after Billy Blythe, a friendly Indian who often camped near Shoal Creek. A post office was established in Blytheville by John C Cox, who, with his wife and baby, had settled in the area in 1838. About this time, the area was organized into Jasper County. The first school, Franklin School, was built, and the original Forest Park Baptist Church was constructed. Pure Galena was discovered in the mid-1800’s on the farm of William Tingle. The farm was located northwest of the present Joplin in the Turkey Creek Valley. Lead mining operations began on a small scale, and a blast furnace was built. Lead was discovered on the banks of Joplin Creek by a slave boy owned by Cox, and Cox began leasing land for development. The mining boom was delayed, however, by the Civil War and the extensive border warfare waged in the area. After the Civil War, many earlier settlers returned, and new settlers joined them in building homesteads in the area. Mining was resumed, and in 1870 E.R. Moffet and John B. Sergeant sank the famous discovery shaft near the site of the Broadway viaduct…(more).”

In 2021 Joplin noted the 150th anniversary of the platting of Joplin City (July 28, 1871). See below Joplin historian Brad Belk, MO Rep. Lane Roberts, and Frmr Joplin Councilwoman Diane Reid-Adams at the corner of Cox Avenue and Central Street, Joplin, MO. July 28., 2021. Rep Roberts presented the City of Joplin resolutions from the Missouri House and Senate marking the milestone.

  • ses·qui·cen·ten·ni·al / seskwəsenˈtenēəl
    (adjective) relating to the one-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of a significant event.
    as the town’s sesquicentennial celebrations get under way
    (noun) a one-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary.
    the Texas Sesquicentennial was just two years away

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