It’s a blast from the past, Worlds of Fun announces new ride

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Worlds of Fun is bringing a blast from the past back to life.

The park announced the coming of the Zambezi Zinger in 2023. It’s a two-minute, 45 mph, 2,482-foot-long roller coaster.

“Packed with several moments of airtime, banked turns and quick transitions, riders are connected to the feeling of an epic safari chase and fast-paced adventure!” – Wolds of Fun posted to its website.

World of Fun opened in 1973. The amusement park states the original Zinger was one of the park’s most popular rides.

“..it had cars configured in a bobsled style that dashed through the trees for a fun and exhilarating ride. The new Zinger is sure to delight a new generation of guests while providing a nostalgic nod to the past.”

So, what’s the story of the Zambezi Zinger? Worlds of Fun shares the story.

“As guests travel through Africa, south of the Serengeti, they arrive at a smalltime safari company offering exciting tours to adventurers and thrill seekers who have traveled from near and far to experience the Zinger.

Zambezi Adventure Safaris went out of business just before the turn of the century when the Zinger was thought to have gone extinct. They recently reopened their doors after new evidence suggested the Zinger had returned to the area.

The company now takes guests on thrilling excursions to explore these famously hallowed woodlands so travelers may once again experience the legend of the Zinger!”

You can learn more about the ride here!


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