Utilities take today to remind public of '811' or Call Before You Dig

JOPLIN, Mo. — Today’s date is a good reminder to use caution when working outside.

It’s “8-11 Day,” a reminder to call before you dig. Representatives with Spire say with more utility companies putting things in the ground, calling is more important than ever. They say 90% of the time, the place someone wants to dig is safe but it’s that 10% where it isn’t, and it can lead to a very dangerous situation.

“We have quite a few people that will put in a tree or the birdhouse or a mailbox and hit one of the service lines and that scares anybody, especially people who don’t know anything, that haven’t been around gas it can be a dangerous situation so that’s why we really stress the 8-11 call and get locates,” said Michael Fornelli, Spire Regional Manager.

Michael Fornelli says people should call three days before they plan on doing a project. Someone will then come and either put up flags or spray paint, marking the dig area.

One other note —not only can hitting a utility line be dangerous, but the person responsible could also be liable for damages.

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