Voters in Missouri to see recreational cannabis on 2022 ballot

JOPLIN, Mo. – Recreational Marijuana is now on the November ballots in Missouri so we hit the streets to see how residents are handling the news.

If passed, the amendment would allow adults 21 and older to buy recreational cannabis.

Officials say the stay and local governments alike would have the opportunity to levy taxes for the sale of the plant.

“I may not choose this ballot initiative to pass, but recreational cannabis does not frighten me. I actually am a proponent of having a choice over using alcohol or other types of things to use cannabis, whether it’s recreational or medicinal. It all has a medical purpose,” said Alice.

In addition to legalizing cannabis recreationally, voters will also decide if non-violent marijuana offenses could get expunged.

“I’m for it just because I mean, I’m doing the same thing that they’ve got in trouble for. So, I mean, there’s no sense in people still having a record as long as this nonviolent, you know, nothing crazy like a big cartel or something like that,” said Nick.

Though there is a large push for recreational cannabis, not everyone supports the new amendment.

“I must say I’m not for the recreational use of cannabis because I don’t personally believe that there is a recreational use for it. I believe it’s all some form of medicine,” said John.

Recreational Cannabis also has the opportunity to appear on the Oklahoma ballot later this year.

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