Walking for Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

MIAMI, Okla. — A Navajo woman is walking across the country to raise awareness about a heartbreaking reality. On Monday, Seraphine Warren was in Northeast Oklahoma to bring attention to the hundreds of missing and murdered indigenous women. It became a passion for her after her aunt, 63-year-old Ella Mae Begay, went missing in June of last year.

Miami’s City Manager also joined her in solidarity, walking with her down Main Street while police escorted her.

Warren says the resources to solve cases on native land are scarce, and she wants investigators to use more urgency to look into these unsolved indigenous crimes, like her aunt’s.

“I’ve seen a lot of other cases outside of the Navajo Nations or Reservations being solved quickly, and this one should be one of them. And I am tired of waiting, I’m losing patience, and we shouldn’t be treated like this,” she said.

“She chose to walk down Main Street and up Route 66 and we’re certainly honored to have her here. And, you know, she’s doing something that is so important and that is taking the efforts that she knows how to do to draw attention to a very serious problem,” said Bo Reese, Miami City Manager.

Warren began her journey at the doorstep of her aunt’s house in Sweatwater, Arizona. She plans to finish the roughly 2,300-mile trek to Washington, D.C. in October.

She will be in Southwest Missouri on Tuesday.

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