"Boba" a popular choice at Marian Days

CARTHAGE, Mo. — Those attending Marian Days this weekend will likely have one of these refreshing beverages: A Boba.

Boba originated in Asia in the 1980’s.

If you’re unfamiliar with the beverage, Boba is made from tapioca and are often labeled as “tapioca pearls.”

The small spheres are simmered in a brown sugar syrup and are paired with many types of fruit.

There are several vendors at Marian Days that specialize in selling Boba.

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Because the drink is so popular at this year’s festival, those who wish to order one usually find themselves waiting in line.

“They’re really good, and it’s not just the Boba pearl itself that’s good, it’s the drink that’s good. We use fresh fruit. We use mangos, which you can see them in there, they cut strawberries up, they cut watermelon so it’s all fresh, and then we mix it up with some syrup and ice and make it into a smoothie, and then we put the Boba pearl in there,” said Tien Nguien, an employee with “Boba Drinks.”

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“Boba Drinks” says they expect to sell several thousand this weekend.

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