Kansas voters protect abortion rights, block path to ban

KANSAS (AP) – Kansas voters have protected abortion rights by rejecting a measure that would have allowed the Republican-controlled Legislature to tighten abortion restrictions or ban it outright.

The vote Tuesday was the first test of voters’ feelings about abortion since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in late June.

Voters rejected a change in the Kansas Constitution to ensure that it does not grant a right to an abortion so that legislators could regulate it as they see fit. The measure was a response to a 2019 state Supreme Court decision protecting abortion rights.

Supporters of the change would not say whether they would pursue a ban, while opponents predicted one would be coming if the measure had passed.

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You can find the results of today’s election below. You can find other election results here.


The Value Them Both Amendment would affirm there is no KS constitutional right to abortion?

  • No Winner


  • Yes  



100.0% precincts reporting
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