Local hospital rations COVID tests to stay prepared

JOPLIN, Mo. – Patients adjust to post-pandemic COVID, which includes knowing where they can continue getting tests. Not all medical facilities will give residents a test on the spot.

KOAM’s Keri Worthen spoke with Mercy Hospital in Joplin today. The hospital is staying prepared by rationing their COVID tests. Unless you are symptomatic or have a referral from your doctor, Mercy’s Emergency Room is directing people to go to outpatient testing sites.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jesse Hatfield says this is to make sure there are enough tests for critically ill patients. “So I wouldn’t say that there is a strict criteria where if they meet this we test them emergently. It’s really a truly patient-by-patient basis and sometimes it comes into play with what our supply chain looks like right now.”

You can find ongoing testing sites in your area with the resources listed below.

Testing Sites

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