Chamber of Commerce members join KOAM for a ribbon-cutting

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. – There was a big celebration here at KOAM-TV and FOX14 today.

Representatives from 6 area chambers of commerce joined KOAM staff for a ribbon-cutting. (Scroll down for photos)

The FCC approved KOAM-TV and KFJX-TV (FOX14) to increase the station’s transmitter power and antenna strength.

During the project, a temporary antenna was installed and will decrease power for some households who watch over-the-air via an antenna. However, once it’s done, prepare for More Power. As of June 29, 2022, crews have removed the two old towers and installed the new KOAM antenna. They still need to install the new FOX14 tower. Then, some connections will be made and the 4-states will have a MUCH better signal for KOAM, FOX14, The 4-States CW, MeTV, H&I, HSN, QVC, StartTV and Dabl.

> Find updates, video, livestream and more on the KOAM More Power project here 

Vickery says, “The KOAM power will be increased from 14.8 kilowatts to 98.8 kilowatts and the power for KFJX will be increased from 5.6 kilowatts to 45.1 kilowatts.” The project will also add vertical polarization. What does that mean? To simplify it, it will help the signal get through walls and help your antenna pick it up.

Chamber of Commerce members from Joplin, Pittsburg, Carthage, Carl Junction, Neosho and Grove joined the KOAM staff today.

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