Hot Thursday with some t-storm chances lined up – Nick

Good late Wednesday evening/early Thursday morning, everyone. Thanks to our frontal system that parked itself over the region, temperatures were a little bit better compared to the middle 90s we saw on Tuesday. After we started Wednesday morning out with lows around 70°, we topped back out at 91° for the afternoon at Joplin Regional. As I just mentioned, the front is parked right on top of the area for tonight and will stay there for our Thursday. However, this isn’t the front that will scrub out some of the heat. While it will keep some t-storm chances in the forecast, the cold front working across the Pacific Northwest will be the one to give us a break in the heat for early next week.

In the meantime, we’ll get our Thursday morning off to a mild and mainly dry start with lows in the lower 70s. While the front could try to spawn a few showers during the morning after the drive to work, we’ll see the front fire up a better chance for scattered t-storms for the afternoon. Even with the t-storm chances, most spots will be hot once again with highs in the lower 90s.

While we’ll start Thursday evening off on a quiet note with lows dropping back into the lower to middle 70s overnight, we’ll watch for some t-storm chances to work across our northern counties to start our Friday morning out.

While the front may give us some isolated t-storms Friday morning, its movement back to the north will make sure we stay dry for Friday afternoon. Plus, it will stay on the hot side with temperatures climbing back into the middle 90s across much of the region.

The upper-level ridge will be in control for much of our Saturday. With that in mind, partly sunny skies won’t stop temperatures from starting out in the upper 70s in the morning and topping out in the upper 90s for the afternoon. Then, the upper-level ridge will start breaking down and allow the stronger cold front to come on in. While it could spark a few isolated t-storms very late Saturday afternoon, we’ll have a better chance for more widespread rain and t-storms for Saturday night and heading into Sunday morning.

After the rain chances finish with the passing front on Sunday, have a look at the upper-level setup below by Monday. That will be our main weather setup for early next week.

That will force temperatures back down into the lower to middle 80s for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday afternoon. The morning lows will be downright refreshing for Monday and Tuesday as temperatures will dip back into the lower 60s. By Wednesday of next week, though, another ridge will start to build back in. That will push us back into the upper 80s on Wednesday and 90s for the rest of next week. Don’t forget that Doug’s long-range forecast is below.


June 30th-July 2nd:  Hot temperatures with some t-storm chances possible Saturday.

July 3rd-July 9th: Hot for Sunday before we stay warm for the 4th, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then, hot temperatures return for the rest of the week. Slight t-storm chances for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

July 10th-July 16th: Hot temperatures this week. Slight t-storm chances Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

July 17th-July 23rd: Warm for Sunday and Monday before hot temperatures return for the rest of the week. Slight t-storm chances Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday.

July 24th-July 30th: With the exception of a warm Thursday and Friday, hot for the week. Slight t-storm chances Sunday through Wednesday.

July 31st-August 6th: Hot for much of the week before we back down to warm temperatures by Friday and Saturday. Slight t-storm chances Monday through Friday.

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