Independence Officers encourage residents to keep their property safe to deter thieves

INDEPENDENCE, Kan. – Independence Police Officers ask residents to be the “Third Officer” in a recent public service announcement.

Patrol officers usually travel in pairs, and that pair is responsible for patrolling 100 miles of roads, 4,300 addresses, and 7,540 cars while at the same time responding to calls for service.

The IPD is asking citizens to do their part to help keep themselves and their property safe.

Being the “Third Officer” is as simple as practicing some cheap, easy crime prevention actions:

  1. Don’t leave your keys in the car-88% of cars are stolen using the owner’s keys in the US, almost 100% locally.
  2. Lock your car doors-95% of car break-ins in Independence occurred in unlocked cars so far this year.
  3. Put your car windows up and house windows down and locked
  4. Lock your doors, every exterior door you own needs to be locked
  5. Lock up your bike
  6. Use disc locks on storage units
  7. Stop your newspapers and mail when you aren’t home, or have a trusted friend pick the items up
  8. Request a house-watch from IPD while you’re on vacation

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