An $8k donation will help provide food to local children

JOPLIN, Mo. – Arvest wraps up its 2022 Million Meals campaign, raising more than 1.9 million meals for food-insecure regional children.

“Did you know that just $1 can provide the equivalent of five meals to a person in need? With your help, we provided more than one million meals for 75-plus local organizations we partnered with this year. All your donations stay local.” – Arvest Million Meals website.

The Joplin community donated $8,880. Arvest today presented a check for that amount to the Joplin School District for its Bright Futures program.

Bright Futures Joplin helps with many programs to support structures that help kids be successful learners. This includes helping to provide meals to food-insecure children who are not getting food through school nutrition programs.

Arvest has locations in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri.

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