More Power Update: KOAM is now on the temporary antenna

KOAM is now broadcasting from a lower, temporary antenna. This may significantly affect your reception in the coming days until the big install is complete.

What’s the big install? The FCC approved KOAM-TV and KFJX-TV (FOX14) to increase the station’s transmitter power and antenna strength. Once the new, more technically-advanced antennas are installed at the top of the 1,000-foot tower, we’ll switch back over and residents will have a BETTER signal than before.

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Installing the Temporary Antenna

In May, the tower crew from Precision Communications installed a temporary antenna on KOAM’s 1,000-foot tower. It’s about 760 feet up. This is in preparation for taking down the two main antennas at the very top.

Precision installs temporary antenna on KOAM’s 1,000-foot tower

While those main antennas are down… KOAM still wants to output a signal until crews get the new antennas up. That’s why the temporary antenna was installed.

Watch KOAM News Now!

While the switchover is happening, you can still watch KOAM News digitally. Check out our app and streaming options at the link below!

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