Local community center hosts BBQ and Fishing Event

CARTHAGE, Mo. – The Minnie Hackney Community Service Center today at Kellogg Lake is having a BBQ and fishing competition, along with games, music and dancing in celebration of Juneteenth.

Along with fishing,  the event featured:

  • BBQ
  • Dancing
  • Refreshments
  • Provided bait and tackle

“The event was amazing because I didn’t get to grow up with s sense of community,” said Latayzia Harris, a participant at the event. “I feel like we’ve kind of gone past that in the past couple of years. We haven’t been coming together as a community as much as we should. So having it recognized federally and then having an opportunity to do events like this is really making it like a major.”

To learn more about the Minnie Hackney Community Service Center click here.



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