Joplin man takes his shot at a $1M hole-in-one

JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin man had his second shot at becoming a millionaire during a charity golf tournament.

Today the Joplin Emancipation Committee held its 5th Annual Emancipation Charity Golf Tournament at Schifferdecker Golf Course. All the money raised is going towards “Emancipation Park Days Celebration” which will be held in Ewert Park on August 5th through the 7th.

Fifteen teams played in today’s tournament and won prizes — including one golfer who won his second chance at winning one million dollars for sinking a hole in one.

“This year was a lot less stressful. The first time you’re kinda like it puts a lot of pressure on it. This time I just gave it a good solid swing. I hit it better than last year, still came up short. We’ll see what next year brings. Maybe the third time’s the charm,” said Jerrod Reineke, shot at the $1-million hole in one

“We want everybody to understand that’s all the time is to just learn, to have fun, enjoy. It is, it was a thing of freedom for the slaves and to let everyone know the equality factor that everyone is equal,” said Tracey Thompson, Member of The Joplin Emancipation Committee.

Joplin Emancipation Park Days is a free event that will have live music, food, games, and vendors.

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