Community efforts restore piece of African American History

PITTSBURG, Kans. — The Pittsburg Community is getting its first look at a restored piece of African American History.

The Carver League Foundation held an open house for its recently renovated building. Since the 1950’s the building had been a gathering place for the African American community in the area, however over time it fell into disrepair.

An effort to save the structure began last year.

Through those community efforts, angel donations, and volunteers from Pittsburg State University’s School of Construction, the building was restored similar to how former Carver League Members remember it.

“Myself, my brother, we used to come here a lot as kids. We came into town if we needed stuff to do or if there were events coming on here, we’d come in, just hang out, which I didn’t realize what it was at the time when I was a kid, but now it has a whole other meaning to it,” said Chris Goodwin, Carver League Foundation President.

The Carver League Foundation hopes to turn the building into an event center and museum about the Foundation.

It’s currently in the process of collecting items and information.

If you would like to contribute, you can contact the Carver League using this email chrisgoodwin@carverleague.org or by contacting them through Facebook.

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