The City of Carthage is feeling the inflation

CARTHAGE, Mo. — A Southwest Missouri town will have to dip into savings to make ends meet in 2023.

Carthage city leaders are finalizing the new budget, which comes in at $23 million. That’s $720,000 more than the revenue expected.

The city administrator says they’ll delay some big projects and hold off on adding new staff.

He points to a 2020 salary study, prompting raises in 2021, that is leading to those difficult decisions.

“Insurance of course has skyrocketed. This year our big struggle is, because part of our salary plan, is to keep up with the CPI and keep up with the inflation rates. And of course this year they’re insane. And so, we haven’t totally kept up. We tried to keep up,” said Greg Dagnan, Carthage City Admin.

The proposed budget calls for raises and cost of living increases of about 5.5%.

The 2023 spending plan starts on July 1st.

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