Inmate transfer impact on Cherokee County

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kans. ā€” Southeast Kansas law enforcement officials are stepping up to help the Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office.

Staffing issues have resulted in having to move inmates from its jail to other counties. 10 are currently at the Cherokee County Jail and more could be housed there, depending on availability.

The jail also houses inmates from Sedgewick County.

In order to address the issue of officer retention, talks have taken place to expand retirement benefits for correction officers.

“There has been discussion as to whether or not to transition them over to what’s called the Kansas Police and Fire Retirement System. Right now, that’s only for commission sworn law enforcement officers. It is a better retirement system, but right now for corrections officers, the law doesn’t allow them to be included in that,” said David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff.

According to a study done by Bourbon County officials, the average length of stay for employment at the jail over the last five years was only 380 days.

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