Pitt State football hosts over one hundred athletes for a prospect camp

PITTSBURG, Ks. – Pitt State football hosted a prospect camp this afternoon. Over one hundred high school athletes were in attendance.

“I think we saw some future gorillas out there today,” says Pitt State head coach Brian Wright.

The athletes had the opportunity to showcase their skills and learn new ones.

“That’s a big thing that I increased on today was definitely my technique and my form as well as running routes hard,” says Webb City tight end Trey Roets. “I really feel like I got better today.”

And, the coaching staff evaluated the local talent.

“Obviously, we’re looking for good athletes. We’re looking for guys that are strong and that can move and run and change direction,” Wright says. “And then guys that love football and they work hard and they finish the drills out here. They pay attention to details and they are coachable.”

“Our offense, at Girard, is not going to throw the ball 30 times a game, so to get out here and try to spread it out and throw a little bit is always good,” says Girard quarterback Luke Niggemann. “It’s good to just to get out and showcase what I’ve been working on the past couple months and get out and see some competition and feel the coaches out and see what they think.”

These in person interactions are a key part of the recruiting process.

“We want to see guys live too, not just on film, and we want to be able to work with them in a live situation,” Wright says. “It’s really important for me, coaching the quarterbacks, to see how the ball comes out of a guys hand and so forth and our coaches at other positions get the same kind of evaluation live.”

“The energy here is different,” says Webb City wide receiver Dante Washington. “That’s one thing that I like about Pitt State. All the coaches, no matter how their day is going, right when these players get out here, their level of intensity just goes straight through the roof.”

Today is not only about what you can do on the football field. It’s also about creating relationships.

“First of all, it’s important to get them here on campus and show them our beautiful facilities and what we have to offer,” Wright says. “Even more than that, it’s important to make that connection with the coaches and getting to know the guys.”

“My biggest thing of playing at the next level is connection and that’s what I feel like Pitt State has the most,” Washington says.

Brian Wright and the coaching staff will host a second and final prospect camp on July 15th.

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