Library celebrating 120 years in Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. — Today marks 120 years the library has been serving the Joplin community along with five years at its location on E 20th Street.

The library had an open house with live music from “Jomo Jazz” and had several booths on hand, including the United Way, which was giving children two books to add to their collection.

Today also marked the kickoff membership drive for the newly formed nonprofit “Friends of the Joplin Public Library.”

“Joining the Friends of the Library is like your not only just a member of the library you’re a friend of the library. You’re pouring your support into that organization to help the library. The vision or the mission of the library is to open tomorrow’s doors today. We want to be a learning and enriching, organization also one that connects people. that’s a big thing to us,” said Jeana Gockley, Joplin Public Library Director.

The nonprofit will work towards teaching the community about what the library has to offer.

Yearly memberships start at $5 for students and $20 for families.

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